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What is your relationship with your body?

Do you think your body is a machine / a tool to be used for maximum output ? OR Do you think that the body is a sacred temple in which your soul (God’s essence) resides?

Are you generally TELLING your body what to do , how to push more to accomplish results? OR Are you generally LISTENING to its needs for care? Maybe its just really tired and needs some rest, or maybe those calf muscles are getting tight and need a gentle massage or a stretch. 

When you’re hungry - do you try to fill yourself up with some stuff to alleviate the hunger OR Do you see it as an opportunity to nourish yourself with choicest nutritional ingredients put together into a meal with some intention and love?

If someone tried to touch your body (maybe your spouse or boyfriend / girlfriend or even a stranger), and your body screamed NO - do you generally move away from that situation OR do you just go through with it to not offend the other person’s feelings and creating trauma for your body?

Do you think that rest is unproductive / a waste of time  OR do you know that rest is sacred healing that heals not just your body, but also provides a much needed reset for the mind, while replenishing your creative source energy ? 

Let us all learn to make a conscious choice in unlocking the sacred wisdom and restorative intelligence of the body by listening to it, and coming more in tune with it’s rhythms !

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