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Shamanic Energy Healing

Experience the power of clearing and energizing your aura (quantum energy field) ! We are all energy (more than we are matter). Let's alchemize all the energetic layers (body, thoughts, feelings, intentions) in a potent shamanic energy healing session infused by creator's light & divine codes. 

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Coaching & Guidance

Ah the joy of dancing in alignment with the Creator's plan when you learn to manifest your own miracles! Receive valuable coaching based on the guidance from your divine teams (Ancestors/ Gods/ Goddesses/ Angels/ Spirit Guides / Ascended Masters) to take your next steps that are in your highest and best.

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Advanced Programs

Living a life of purpose and harmony ! We also offer long term programs to make a lasting impact at the soul level by bringing in the higher dimensional healing codes, vibrational imprints, and triggering deep rememberings to align them for living a life of deep satisfaction!

Shamanic Energy Healing - Who can benefit?

Energy clearing and restoration can help release the wounds, blockages, triggers that are limiting us from achieving our highest potential, peak performance and authentic loving connections. During the energy healing sessions we are able to channel creator's light and source energy to completely revitalize your energetic system (including body / thoughts / feelings/ intentions). 

  • Are you feeling negative / anxious / afraid ? 

    • Feelings are energy. Sometimes your energy could be getting impacted by negative feelings from other people /  mass consciousness / mis alignments in your Chakra system / interference from external entities. Techniques like Energy Clearing / Cord Cutting / Chakra Balancing / Release of external energetic influences /Removal of spirits or external entities / Release of energetic blockages can help restore you to your natural state of harmony and peace. ​

  • Are you holding on to some old guilt / shame from events that happened in the past?

    • Sometimes our past events can keep us 'trapped' in low vibrational feelings of guilt, regrets and shame which make it difficult to 'move on'. When we invoke creator's light and divine energy, my clients were able to bring a deep feeling of forgiveness, love and radical freedom to unleash themselves !​

  • Are you feeling scattered, and dissatisfied for lack of your impact ?

    • Thoughts are energy. Sometimes when we feel bombarded by too many ideas and thoughts being presented, it scatters our energy in a number of different directions which will dilute our overall impact that leads to a deep sense of dissatisfaction or frustration. Grounding Meditations during our sessions along with energetic clearing can help bring you back into your center, and  back into a sacred connection with the source energy above, and Mother Earth's energy below.

    • Chakra Alignment and Activation - will help clear the blockages in each Chakra and allow for a renewed energy flow through your system. This can help bring back the focused energy, alignment with the higher plan, and a greater impact.

  • Did you experience trauma, abuse or painful events as a child that are still impacting you (or your sense of safety)?

    • Inner Child Healing techniques can help our soul go back in time to the originating event - where the root of the trauma got imprinted in your energetic system. Even though the events happened in the past, but a soul's experience transcends space and time. So for the soul the threat can get reactivated at the slightest stimuli that can trigger a huge reaction until the traumatic events are healed at the originating source. You've to feel the wound to heal the wound.  During inner child healing sessions, your POWERFUL NOW version will be able to provide gentle but strong love, security and safety to the that little child to bring more integration in your energetic system. This will help alleviate the perception of threat and the need to have your guard up which was draining your energy, and costing some loving relationships.   

  • Are you holding resentments / regrets in your romantic relationships ? Do you continue to stay in toxic relationships ?

    • Relationships can be hard. ​It's natural to build up blame and resentment for the other person, or regrets & guilt for our own self. These are all lower vibrational emotions that are destructive for the relationship. These can be healed and transmuted with source energy. In some of my sessions, people had come in with a deep blame (and negative judgements) for their partners, but left with a deep sense of compassion for them helping elevate the quality of their relationships. 

    • Sometimes unhealthy energetic exchange patterns keep us trapped in toxic relationships. With my gentle guidance, and a realization of their own strength - sometimes people chose to move on from relationships that were draining and depleting them, and were able to redirect their love to themselves ! 

  • ​Do you see yourself repeating some self sabotaging behaviors or negative patterns ? 

    • We as humans have some 'core beliefs' which can be limiting us. Our beliefs give us our thoughts and feelings, our thoughts and feelings give us our actions (or the lack of it). During our shamanic energy sessions, we can bring these deeply embedded limiting beliefs from the layers of your sub conscious mind to the surface. Additionally, we can help release these limiting beliefs from all layers and aspects of your energetic system from the originating roots to help liberate you. Once these limiting beliefs are resolved, you will find yourself feeling free and unleashed to go after your desires with a new found boldness !     

    • E.g. In one of my sessions, someone identified limiting beliefs around 'not belonging in groups & being cast away, left abandoned' as a pattern that keeps manifesting in their life because of limiting beliefs originating from a past life. He experienced feeling liberated from that.

  • Are you grieving a deep loss or death of a loved one? 

    • Shamanic energy healing can help us process the pain in extremely painful situations like loss / death of loved ones. During such situations, the feelings that arise (loss / loneliness/ hopelessness/ dread/ pain) can be quite difficult to deal with. Humans have a tendency to not want to feel these feelings by distracting themselves into temporary pleasures (such as alcohol / over eating/ drugs / sex/ watching television or meaningless content).  However, you have to feel the wound to heal the wound. I'll hold a very loving and gentle space for you to process your emotions with grace & source energy. It's also important to let those tears flow. Tears don't hurt, they heal. When emotions are processed fully, it will help alchemize that pain into new levels of power and wisdom for you! 

  • Are you feeling 'stuck' and blocked to follow your life's vision and purpose ? 

    • Shamanic energy healing can help get you unstuck and moving forward with clarity and velocity.  People who worked with me found a new burst of fresh creative energy as they came back into a state of creative flow leading to the birth of their dream projects. What is your dream project where you want to unlock your creative potential and bring your unique gifts to the world?   

    • In some of my interactions, people also uncovered their higher purpose in life that brings them a deeper sense of joy and satisfaction than just pursuing their earthly goals.    

  • Are you looking for divine guidance about the next steps on your journey?

    • In some of my sessions, people experienced getting guidance or deep gentle love from the ancestors who have passed, or entities they consider divine (their Spirit Guides/ Angels/ Ancestors/ Gods & Goddesses). This profound guidance helped them to view a situation differently or take some bold new actions or change directions !

  • Are you looking for your soulmate (a wholesome romantic partnership)?​

    • When your soul learns to mate with itself, your soulmate will appear. When you realize that you are beautiful, whole and complete just the way you are, you will be able to bring the highest quality of love, care, and respect for yourself. You will start to truly honor and nurture yourself, and hold solid boundaries in all relationships. Rather than being 'needy', your energy will be irresistible to your partner and he / she will manifest. So let's embark upon a journey of deep self love, acceptance and forgiveness first for the right partner to be there. Be so completely WORTHY of your own love, Share that love generously with yourself, that which you wish to give to another.  

Book your Free Exploratory Appointment

If you're curious to learn more to see if this is the right fit for you, I'd love to connect and answer all your questions. Let's explore together if we will be able to cocreate your desired impact. I'm looking forward to connecting with you over an exploratory call !  

Welcome to Aurora Shamanica

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