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Our Clients Say

Rashi is loved by the clients for holding a safe, gentle and compassionate space where the creator’s light can come in to transmute the darkest wounds. Clients have experienced magical results during their healing sessions with Rashi, such as –
“I have had two shamanic healing sessions with Rashi, and both times I felt extraordinarily nourished by her loving presence and attention. I had a profound spiritual revelation during the first session that has remained helpful to me to this day; the effects have lasted several months. I would recommend and encourage everybody to have a shamanic healing session with Rashi!“
With much gratitude, Erik 
San Francisco, California, United States
Back to my creative flow!

"I had been 'stuck' with my creative blocks, but i came back to into an INSPIRED & creative flow with new ideas and started writing my poetry again ! "


Ah that sweet relaxing sleep 

"I had not slept well for a long time, but I got a sweet sweet sleep after my healing session. I was blaming someone in my life and after the session i could feel a deep compassion for that person from an entirely new perspective" 


Divine Guidance

"I felt the warm and loving light of my grandma who had passed away a few years ago. It is reassuring to know that she is still watching over me and guiding my path."


"I am writing this testimonial with immense gratitude and a heart brimming with newfound light after embarking on a transformative journey of healing and belief work with a truly gifted shamanic healer, Rashi. From the very first session, I felt a profound sense of safety and trust in the sacred space created by my shamanic healer. Her deep connection with healing practices and profound spiritual wisdom became evident as she guided me through a journey of self-discovery and healing. One of the remarkable aspects of the healing work is that her approach is therapeutic. Her ability to traverse both realms allowed me to explore the depths of my subconscious and unravel layers of intense pain, fear, and limiting beliefs that had been holding me back. Facing them was, obviously, a very painful experience. But, once I got over those limiting beliefs, I saw the beautiful side of life. After our multiple sessions, I experienced an extreme release of emotional blockages and that gave me sense of liberation. Rashi skillfully navigated the realms of the spiritual world guiding me to confront and heal past wounds that I had carried for far too long unnecessarily. What truly set her apart is her intuitive ability to hone in on the root causes of my struggles. The belief work we engaged in was a revelation, as I discovered and transformed deeply ingrained patterns of thought that were hindering my personal growth and well-being. Our shamanic sessions were not limited to healing; they were a holistic journey towards self-empowerment and spiritual awakening. The wisdom imparted by Rashi extended beyond the sessions, fostering a newfound sense of mindfulness and connection with the energies around me. As the sessions progressed, I witnessed a tangible shift in my perspective, attitude, and overall well-being. The healing work with her have left me with a sense of inner peace, clarity, and a renewed zest for life. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Rashi to anyone seeking healing and transformation. Her unique blend of wisdom, compassion, and therapeutic techniques has been a guiding light on my journey to self-discovery and healing. I am eternally grateful for the positive impact this experience has had on my life."
Nehal Gupta, Chandigarh, India

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