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Events & Sacred Ceremonies

Come join us for a powerful vision quest !


Do you know that you have the same creative potential within you, as that which creates the galaxies ?  

Let us show you. Join Rashi and Kristina in a powerful shamanic energy ceremony, where you'll cleanse your chakra system of outdated energetic imprints, and step into a co-creative dance with the universe to manifest a divinely orchestrated 2024.

This transformative event supports you in letting go of limitations imposed by past or socio-cultural conditioning to pave the way for living a unique life filled with purpose, joy, and deep satisfaction !

  • Energetic Cleanse & Ultimate Chakra Reset- Get present to the old energies that are not serving you anymore, and are keeping you held back in life. Immerse in a transformative chakra-clearing journey to release lower vibrational thoughts, feelings, beliefs, energetic imprints / cords that are ready to be released. We will also be activating the Chakra system with source light from the Creator, Mother earth’s healing energy while triggering deep rememberings for you to be unleashed into your unique self expression.

  • Receive and Magnetize: In the space that opens after the energy clearing, Invoke higher guidance and source energy to receive visions from your highest timeline, and the steps to manifest them into reality. Energize your field to magnetically attract supportive opportunities, resources, connections, & experiences for a life of ease, grace, love and abundance. Get ready to embrace a life of synchronicities and magic !


We've carefully cultivated a space that is both tender and dynamic, ensuring a safe space for the optimal unfolding of your transformative journey. We invite you to join us in cocreating a sacred space for quantum healing and magnified impact by being in ceremony with others with positive intentions !


Come and Join us !

Saturday, Feb 3rd - 7:30 pm (Pacific time) OR Sunday, Feb 4th - 9 am India time

Format - Virtual

Duration - 90-120 minutes

Welcome to Aurora Shamanica

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