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What am I paid for VS. What was I made for ?

Accomplishing my goals Vs. Living my Purpose !

⭐ Am I supposed to be accomplishing the prescribed goals of success in my career, accumulating wealth, rising the perceived ladders OR do I want to live a life of dharma aligned to my higher purpose of serving others?

⭐ Am I here to gain validation, admiration and occasional applause from others, OR to feel the deepest nectars of joy and satisfaction within self by doing justice to what I was meant to uniquely contribute towards?

⭐   Am I supposed to get all these degrees / certifications to gain the skills that might be more monetizable in the market OR sharpen & develop the unique gifts and talents that I innately came with?

⭐  Is my wealth my bank balance / assets OR a combination of my wisdom, good karma (blessings I received by serving others), authentic connections, and my holistic wellbeing?

⭐How to survive vs where do I thrive ?

Is there a sweet spot …. an intersection of the two seemingly opposite realms of socio-cultural goals vs the soul’s higher purpose on the planet ? Can I get paid for what I was made for?

If so, I’m on a quest to finding what that looks like for me…. waiting patiently (and sometimes a bit impatiently 🙃 ) for the unfolding around the corner..

If you’ve ever pondered about these questions or found any answers on your own journey.. please share!

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