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Tears dont hurt, they heal !

I’ve seen that we as humans associate a lot of shame to be crying, to show tears. It is considered as a sign of weakness to show tears. 

However, it is a sign of greatest strength to be able to fully feel those feelings, to let it flow, to let those tears out, when they need to. 

Tears are the fastest and healthiest outlet for the energies & feelings that were stuck in your body to be processed. 

As per the ancient healing wisdom taking salt bath in the ocean (or maybe even in your bath tub) is deeply healing because it can help with flow of those emotions and energies.

I encourage you to not keep it bottled in … but let it flow when your body is guiding you to.

They can be the quickest way to come back to your center and your place of harmony. 

So let it flow, and come back to your glow !

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