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Glow with the flow !

Glow with the flow .............................Or was it ‘Go with the flow’… well let’s find out !

I’ve always loved the Taoist concept of ‘Wu Wei’ which in essence means ‘effortless action or going with the natural flow’. It is an admiration for the way of the nature … how nature (as exemplified by the rivers, the trees, the birds and the bees) seems to follow its simple rhythms .. the seasons … the natural changes .. the ebbs and the flows .. it seems to be doing almost nothing, and yet in that glorious flow - it leaves nothing undone!

It’s just in sync with the natural flow of energy.

I was wondering what can we learn from Wu Wei in the current professional market with people being laid off, no matter where we are in the in this current -

🌊  Many of us are losing jobs right now .. its scary to leave the familiar shores that once provided safety and security to flow into a new direction. The way of the nature teaches us to not hold on, but let go with grace and gratitude. Conserve precious energy in flowing downstream and trusting that we will land at the right place at the right time.

🌊 Many of us are feeling gravitated to new adventures - flowing to new shores. It is almost an effortless attraction towards new missions, team cultures, and people. The way of the nature teaches us to honor that flow and create new beginnings.

🌊   Many of us are somewhere in the middle .. just flowing .. not knowing which shore we will end up at … it’s scary, uncertain and could evoke our biggest survival fears. While we are grappling with the unknown – we may try to move upstream or hold on to just about any branch for survival and safety … This could manifest as applying to tonnes of jobs (whether or not we even like those jobs). Going upstream will always waste precious creative energy and leave us drained, and feeling torn in the process.

In a nutshell, if you can learn to trust the larger intelligence in the flow of the river called life – you will likely end up with more light and energy that will eventually make you glow !

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