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Chakras- The Ultimate Consciousness System !

Chakras are the anchors points between the soul and the human body. Recorded knowledge of the chakra system is over 3,500 years old and originates in Sanskrit Vedas, and the concept is also prevalent in both Tibetan Buddhism and Nepalese culture. Chakras mean the spinning vortexes of energy or mystical power centers located along the prana tube (light pillar / spine) of a human body. These vortexes were originated from Brahma (the creator God) and explains how the spiritual realm resides and flows within the world of matter.

Initially a human being’s life force (Shakti / prana energy)  is mainly centered around the lower Chakras. As we keep raising our consciousness through spiritual practice and attainment of wisdom – we keep activating the higher chakras & Shakti (life force) gradually starts flowing from the lower chakras to the upper ones leading to a positive flow of light and energy in your body. Sometimes this can also be experienced during an instant Kundalini awakening experience (with a master or during a meditation) where the Shakti awakens, uncoils , breaking open these chakras and activating them until the Shakti from the root chakra unites with Shiva at Sahasrara Chakra). This can feel like a massive energy & power flow leading to heightened senses (or activation of extra sensory perceptions) & can lead to greater access to divine guidance and intuition.

Emotional / mental wounding can lead to energetic blockages in Chakras, and this can in turn can lead to disharmony / loss of power/ disease in one’s life. That’s why it is vital for human beings to keep clearing their energy , ground into mother earth’s energy & keep connecting to the source energy above so that this flow of pure diving energy can keep one’s inner energy system clear, activated and aligned.

Energy healing services by credible Healers and Shamans can help keep one’s energetic system attuned and activated allowing for healing energy to free flow in and around the human body that leads to enhanced well being, elevated emotional states, and access to higher consciousness.

Author: Rashi Jindal

Humanity was meant to feel disconnected from both the inner chakras (of their body’s energetic system) as well as outer chakras (revolutions around the great central sun in the galaxy) during the dark ages (Dwapar Yug) that we are soon going to transcend. As earth ascends to the dawn of light , more and more of us will remember this deep energetic connection to both our inner and outer Chakras, and reestablish these connections !

“When the darkness comes people will begin to lose their inner knowledge and awareness of the chakras and their function. Though we have the wheel as a tool at this time, it will be lost in the Earth changes during the Dvâpara Yuga. Blind to the inner wheel, man kind will also become blind to the wheel on the outside.” Vedic prophecy about dark ages (which we are now about to transcend)

As per ancient Hindu mythology – Each chakra’s Sanskrit name carries the sound vibration to activate it. Each chakra is associated with specific kind of thoughts & emotions – it is important to keep one’s thoughts pure to ascend to higher (heavenly) realms, while we may descend into lower hell realms if one’s thoughts are impure and guided against others (or rooted in greed / anger/ lust / jealousy/ murder etc.). This is well depicted in the image below –

Chakras The chakras are shown in their locations within the inner bodies of man along with the attribute of each force center. The seven principal chakras are depicted as multi-petalled wheels or lotuses situated along the spinal cord, and the seven lower chakras as colored circles within the subtle body in regions belowthe spine, down to the feet. Above in the painting, is the heavenly realm of devas and Gods. Below is the Naraka realm of asuras (demons). This wisdom clearly demonstrates that the quality of our thoughts and feelings will determine whether we experience hell or heaven in this earthly existence!

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