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Meet Rashi 

Rashi is a highly gifted and powerful Shamanic energy healer. She channels the source energy and creator's light to bring  healing, transformation and empowerment where you most need it !

Source energy can help alchemize and transmute old wounds, self sabotaging patterns, and triggers that are limiting you from achieving your highest potential, peak performance and authentic loving connections. Energy healing can alleviate mental health, emotional health and physical health issues to bring the most aliveness, joy and harmony in your life!

Rashi works in the quantum energy field (aura) through Shamanic practices that are very potent. Shamanic healing can transcend space and time helping unlock and activate powerful new possibilities. Shamanism is considered as one of the oldest and most powerful healing techniques because it can heal the wounds hidden in the subconscious mind by bringing source energy from the super conscious realms of creator. In some of her healing sessions, clients experienced wonderful lights similar to the magical phenomenon of an aurora, and hence the name!

Aurora Shamanica

All About Aurora Shamanica

At Aurora Shamanica, we celebrate the ancient wisdom found in spiritual philosophies and seek to share it with all.  Rashi has been on a deep spiritual quest for over a decade and is also well versed in various spiritual and religious philosophies like Taoism, Buddhism, Zen, Hinduism, Christianity. She has come to a deep understanding of universal laws and eternal truths that can bring us more in harmony and alignment with living a divinely orchestrated life.

Life can feel like dancing with the divine, when you're in alignment with the universe's plan for you when you start attracting just the right opportunities, resources and connections in your life.

Her life’s purpose is to facilitate deep healing and actualization for people helping them live a life of greater purpose, peace, joy, love, and vitality !

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Purpose for existence 

Welcome to Aurora Shamanica

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